The Concept

A solution adapted to your needs. No more. No less.


Vos besoins, nos solutions...
This is the very reason to exist for InstHead.

Similarly it is useless to go buy bread with a Ferrari, and even so it would be a shame to go to the Cannes Film Festival with a dirty car.

Here is our watchword.

Because each project is different, it must need different resources, different jobs, and a different method.

Our experience enables us to streamline automation and divide our work into small tasks. These spots will be “functionalized”.

Why Functionalize?

Just to make it cheaper our work.

By functionalizing the spots, we allow our work to be less expensive but reusable. This is our secret.

It also allows us, upon capitalization, making our shorter delivery times.


Here are our secrets. To take advantage, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here